Rainey Louis

Rainey Louis

Rainey Louis, At 17, the upcoming lyricist, tries his best to hold his own when slowly wedging his foot into the giant door of the rap game. This exclusively non-explicit artist has spent half of a decade molding his style from favored artists such as Eminem, Watsky, Logic, and Hopsin.

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the start of rainman…

Rainey Louis started rapping at 12 years old. He tried making his owns beats on a tablet. Recording in a free program on a laptop to capture himself! Showing family and close friends his projects, they could all see the passion and potential. Tat then gave Rainey Louis a mic and interface to see if he would continue to pursue writing and recording! He did! so when Tat and his wife took guardianship of him in 2016 he was able to convert low quality ideas into decent quality audio…

‘Pourin’ Rain Ep’

With his first solo project, “The Pourin’ Rain EP”, Rainey Louis Kills rhyme schemes on nostalgic old school instrumentals. Shortly after his debut material was released, he appeared on Salution Records’ second collaboration album “The Diamond State Collection”. With a slight change in pace compared to that of his early work. Renovations to his sound led to the production of his first full length album “Young Talent”. Which is packed full of wordplay and various flows, all correlating to its chosen title.

Rainey Louis builds motivation from life experiences and past mistakes with every song he writes. Also, Trying not to come off cocky while also proclaiming his lyrical status is one of the biggest challenges he experiences as an emcee. He tries to sustain a modest attitude toward every hint of a future his rap career might have, in hopes that he might get heard.