Tyler ” MadTatter ” Watkins, 25, Of Paragould, AR is an American Rapper & Producer. He is also a Husband, Father & Professional Tattoo Artist.

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More history about MadTatter..

MadTatter  Started Rapping in 2011 after hearing Tech N9ne’s- World Wide Choppers. He wrote for 3 year before ever releasing a track. Then in 2014 Silas Price of GLFM reached out to get Tat on a track. After the track was finished Tat was offered a spot on the team of GLFM. So, From April 2014- January 2015 Tat Appeared on two singles and a Music Video for one of the singles.

Mid Jan. of 2015 Tat wrote what was supposed to be his first solo Release called Almost Famous (Ya’ll Aren’t Understanding). The track Talked about how Tat was a rapper for the  passion of the music, how he wouldn’t sellout and change who he was or is music for a dollar. So, This caused controversy with Members of GLFM. Then Tat decided to leave the group and release the song on his own independently. So, At the end of February 2015 Tat collaborated with a Central Arkansas artist Young3 on a song called ‘Street love’. After Street Love was Recorded Tat and 3 decided to start their own movement.

Salution Records Was born…

MadTatter came up with Salution Records since music was the solution to his problems, but it lacked something… something meaningful. He is a huge  supporter of the troops so he spelled Solution with an “A” instead of an “O” and gave the movement the motto to #saluteit. Tat wanted to build a team of lyrical killers from Arkansas so he reached out to an old friend that rapped when the firs met ZBodie.MadTat had out of state performances, music videos, and a solo project in the works plus the release of Salution’s  first mixtape “The A-State Anthem” during 2015.Tat, Young3 & ZBodie were the line up until Jan. 2016 They started scouting for more artists. On Feb. 28, 2016

Salution Starts Releasing…

On Feb. 28, 2016, Tat Released His first solo Release ‘Proving Ground’. They Found a Couple artists but could never get any of them to become serious. Then Tat’s friend Rob started promoting and Help Managing the Label. Rob brought an artist to the studio one night during a session…Jessie Ray.

Tat signed Jessie Ray Mid 2016 along with his brother Rainey Louis, LC & Alex Orion. MadTatter had features on Rainey Louis’s first EP “Pourin Rain” and released his second solo studio release on Halloween 2016 titled ‘Blackout EP’ along with a Music Video from the second Label compilation that released on Jan. 23,2017 Titled ‘The Diamond State Collection’ with single IDK feat. Funk Volume artist Jarren Benton. in March of 2017 all the artists had either fallen off or wanted to proceed their own way except MadTatter and Rainey Louis. Tat then reached out and got a feat. with Memphis Legend Lil Wyte. Tat then had Wyte come to Jonesboro and shoot a video for the track featuring himself and Rainey Louis. The Track and Video are the first single off his newest project called ‘Ten Over Six’ looking to drop spring of 2018.