Salution Records, The Independent Record Label Hailing out of Arkansas. Founded February 28, 2015 by Tyler Watkins.

“The idea of this label is to create a movement where music is the solution. I don’t know about you but music is my therapy. Different types of music work for different moods. therefore a multi-genre platform could be the Salution.

In Chemistry a solution is a mixture composed by two substances. A solute and a Solvent, the solute dissolves in the Solvent. So in my mixture our solute, or as we prefer our Salute, (Our Feelings and Creativity) dissolve into our solvent,(Music) and make our Salution. kinda random but it fits….. Chemically.

Another thing we support and try to embrace is our pride as Americans and our military. so our artist hold rank as do higher military. We recruit fans, they become Soldiers. Artists we work with and handle business with are our Conrads. We did this to add some fun and meaning behind this label! #saluteit”

-Tyler Watkins

CEO, President

Salution Records loves Networking and Collabing with other aspiring artists. Email them today and let’s get this chemistry, this mixture for the fans going.

Active Artists-


Rainey Louis

Former Artists-



Jessie Ray

Alex Orion